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Malice In Wonderland.
17 January
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-->Drowning Lesson [[My Chemical Romance]]
These hands stained red
From the times that I've killed you and then
We can wash down this engagement ring
With poison and kerosene
We'll laugh as we die
And we'll celebrate the end of things
With cheap champagne
Without, without a sound
And I wish you away

Bloody Kisses From Poision Lips...
Leaves Lovers dead in ditches.

Move into the grave that bares your name

Cut my wrist and balck my eyes
so i can fall asleep tonight
and die because you kill me
you know you do you kill me well
you like it too and i can tell
you never stop until
my final breath is gone

The Old Nickelodeon is love.

Quinn is Love

Bert is Love

You're my love and my life; my heart and my soul; my spirit and essence; my one and only.